No Viking scares me, so we are here in Stockholm with the entire team to conquer Scandinavia! To be more precise we find ourselves at the Stockholm Furniture and Lighting Fair! Zuiver is for sale in more than twenty countries, but Scandinavia still needs to get to know us a little better. I am curious, because they know what they are talking about around here. Beautiful Danish and Swedish brands are slowly gaining ground in our country (as you have read in my last blog), so how will it work the other way around?

Of course I will pick up some inspiration as well. Simply in the city. I will have a good look around. What’s hip and happening in Stockholm? In the airplane, whilst looking down, I fell in love with those picturesque wooden houses, painted in a typical Swedish red. “Falured” is the name of that colour, named after the city Falun. This industrial city earned its fortune by copper mining. The powder extracted during mining was used as a pigment in their paint. Because of its superb preservation properties, they use it as a sort of undercoat. This shade of red has an amazing intensity which you can experience yourself with Flexa Swedish Red. (Have C4.40.20 mixed with the matte wall paint “Strak op de muur”).

This picture I made in Nordiska Galleriet, Swedish Red matches perfectly with pillow Diamond.

If you have Falured on your wall, there are numerous combinations possible with the Zuiver accessories. Pillow Diamond, the new throw blanket Mimosa yellow or blanket Cosima yellow, to name a few. Our new vase Field Flower in yellow would also be a stunning match!

Thankfully you can explore Stockholm by foot. It is a versatile city with many faces and rather well-arranged. The city consists of 14 islands (and 57 bridges) that show a nice mix of old, new and trendy. The old island Gamla Stan with its many authentic houses, has small “Sherlock Holmes-like” streets. A bit dark and touristy…. But very picturesque. You need to roam through Gamla Stan, do a bit of window shopping, enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a piece of Blueberry Pie and continue your course. The bridge Slussen takes you off the island and will lead you to the street called Götgatan, located on the larger island Södermalm. Södermalm is a very trendy island. Strolling its small streets you will experience its vintage, dandy and swank feel….

In the first part of Götgatan you will find a lot of cute shops like Granit. A concept store where they have a lot of interior accessories in matte grey, black, natural light wood, many marble trayspots, a complete series of black folders, boxes and many other items which you will be very eager to buy for your office. A place you need to have seen. After visiting this store you will reach the eighth part of Götgatan. Here you will find Design Torget selling all things design. It’s like a museum shop with books, games, tableware…. And many more wannahaves. 

“When I grow up, I would like a shop just like that…”

After too many clothing shops, bars, coffee places and interior design shops you will find at the end of this long street the concept store Selected By R.O.O.M. I would like a shop just like that, when I grow up…. They have made a selection of the nicest items for your home, obtained from a variety of established brands. Of course it is a bit of a shame that they don’t have Zuiver there, but we will correct that at the fair 😉 I think our marble tables and our marble clocks will do amazingly well here.

I turn left and enter another part of the city, Götgatan doesn’t get any nicer towards the end. The island is gaining popularity among students for a while now, the owner of Rusty Rose tells me. It is a cute little shop with a selection of clothes, jewellery and home accessories. When I tell her about Zuiver, she becomes very enthusiastic and makes a promise to  me to come and visit us at the fair. She kept her promise! Who knows, maybe someday soon you will be able to buy the OMG chair in black or our Desk Lamp Broker here at Rusty Rose

In the evening we have dinner at Nytorget 6, a place I found during the day which exudes a nice ambiance. It is the combination of the classic décor and the young audience that sets this place apart. When in Stockholm you will find all the ‘must eats’ on the menu here, salmon or meat balls…. They serve it all! It is so very busy here, that a couple of girls are seated at a table behind the bar, a table created by placing a cutting board on top of an open drawer. Splendid!

The City Centre is on my schedule for tomorrow, with many more Swedish surprises and Vikings. Read all about it in my next blog!