About us

Zuiver is a popular Dutch label with a large collection of friendly priced furniture with design value.

All products are carefully selected and designed by the Zuiver design team and always in sync with the latest trends.
Our distinct Zuiver signature has already become a worldwide hit in more than twenty countries. Pay close attention to Zuiver as our design team constantly creates new, affordable additions to the dynamic collection.
Always full of colour, spunk and the famous Zuiver twist.


Award winning company!

After winning the “Zaanse Ondernemersprijs” in 2015, a renowned and respected prize for businesses in our region, we are very happy to announce that we won again! This time we won the prize for best business in the province of North Holland 2016



You are most welcome to have a look around. It all starts from here, so let that Zuiver feeling in and enjoy the products, people and overall atmosphere!


A lot of stock for you!

One of the Zuiver prides: We hold most of our products in stock for you. This way we can deliver our products in good time, just how we like it.

Zuiver stock


The Zuiver team likes to surround itself with the Zuiver products and the hustle and bustle of daily business. That’s why we chose to work in the middle of it: Our showroom is our working area.
When entering the Zuiver showroom you’ll enter a Zuiver environment. Constantly in motion. Always dynamic. Not only following the latest trends but also creating them on the spot. Feel free to come and have a look behind the scenes. See where we think out great new Zuiver additions. You are more than welcome.

Zuiver setting-2014-08-16-03-41


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