Our giveaway in collaboration with Dutch fashion label Costes has kicked off and that means I can finally write about it! The winner gets an entirely new interior and a new wardrobe. What a prize! The giveaway is the result of a unique collaboration between two trendy Dutch brands; with young fashion brand Costes and interior brand Zuiver joining forces.

For Zuiver it’s a wonderful opportunity to step outside the well-trodden path and do more than just interior for a change… As I wrote in my blog Words are not enough, smart collaboration is the magic word. And it just so happens that we at Zuiver love fashion…

"Costes x Zuiver = Smart Collaboration"

Of course a campaign of this kind involves quite a bit of preparation: putting together the prize pack, doing photo shoots for the flyers and websites and fitting out the 23 Costes stores with even more Zuiver furniture items than they already have. Because we’re putting our new Albert Kuip chair in each Costes store for the duration of the giveaway! So if you happen to be near one of the stores you really should go and take a look, not just to enter the giveaway but also to see what a Costes store is like. It’s a place where you can buy the latest fashion items in surroundings with a lifestyle store feel. Love it!

Also happening during the 6-week giveaway period: blogger Interior Junkie takes a peek inside the homes of other bloggers to see how they’ve styled the Albert Kuip chair. I’m the first blogger, and you’ll hardly be surprised to hear that I’ve already had the Albert Kuip chair adorning my home for some time now 😉

"The collaboration between Costes and Zuiver has resulted in a unique prize pack"

The photo shoot for the giveaway took place in the Costes studio in August. Let me give you a behind-the-scenes look! We all received a briefing in advance informing us of the schedule. The day started early: at 8.15 we arrived at Costes’ head office with a van filled to the hilt with products that will eventually end up in the home of the lucky winner.

After quickly unloading the van, we assembled the Zuiver products and brought everything to the studio. In the meantime, photographer Rene Mesman, who shot all the promotional material that day, had also arrived.

While the teams were busy setting up the first shoot, I dived into the Costes clothing racks – a task that was anything but dull. Surrounded by all those wonderful fashion items from the new autumn collection I really felt like a child in a candy store! In the end I chose three outfits to wear for the photo shoot. After getting my hair and make-up done it was time to go to the photo studio.

"Like a child in a candy store between the Costes clothing racks"

The first photo was an overview of the complete prize pack. The winner gets a completely new, trendy interior worth 2,000, put together by myself and my design team. It’s a whopping pack filled with super trendy, beautiful Zuivers: Graphic pillows, the copper Bolch lamp, the new light-blue Lazy M armchair…. But there’s more! The prize pack also includes our latest pride and joy: the ultra comfy Albert Kuip chair, which you can try out for yourself in any of the Costes stores during the giveaway period!

If you’re curious about the rest of the prize pack, visit our special Costes x Zuiver competition website now.

During the photo shoot we used all the Zuiver furniture pieces and Costes clothing to create four settings in a stunning array of colours: light grey, light green, white, marble and copper, complemented by gorgeous bright-coloured flowers. After lunch, Elisah of Interior Junkie arrived. Together with Costes and Zuiver, she is the campaign promoter. Elisah will also join us in designing the new interior of the winner, which will, of course, be the subject of another blog!

A film crew of two was also present to shoot the campaign video. Watch the Costes x Zuiver campaign video.

As I wrote, the giveaway has now kicked off. Are you longing for a new look for your home and a new wardrobe? Enter now at www.costesfashion.com/zuiver and who knows, Zuiver, Costes and Interior Junkie could be paying you a visit in the near future!

All photos shot, IT’S A WRAP