APE is an Amsterdam-based design studio consisting of Gert, Tom, Lennert and Douwe.

Gert, Tom, Lennert and Douwe, designers at studio APE, are acquaintances of Zuiver. In 2016 they designed the very first Zuiver moulded chair: Albert Kuip. In 2018 the boys came up with the Albert Kuip Garden armchair, pegboard Bundy and Uncle Jesse lounge chair and hocker.

Zuiver Albert Kuip chair

“Design a moulded chair that perfectly fits our Zuiver DNA”. That was our brief for design studio APE. Not the easiest of assignments, but they’ve pulled it off. After 18 months of designing, 3D printing and refining and developing their design, we can now finally present to you our pride and joy: the Albert Kuip chair! “When Zuiver approached us with this assignment, we were full of ideas from the word go. Our chief starting point was a distinctive chair that is first and foremost really comfortable”, Lennert says.

"Albert Kuip is a distinctive chair that is first and foremost really comfortable"

The name of the Albert Kuip chair is a humorous nod to the famous Albert Cuyp outdoor market in Amsterdam. “It’s all about word play of course, because in Dutch, ‘Cuyp’ is pronounced the same as ‘kuip’, which is another term for a moulded seat”, Gert explains. What the men are most proud of is the seating comfort of the chair. Douwe: “You can use it for active sitting, but you can also just chill out on it. Not an easy combination to achieve in a chair. It’s the slightly flexible back rest that makes this possible. As we see it, Albert Kuip is the ultimate combination of comfort, design appeal and quality.”

Zuiver Albert Kuip chair and armchair

Zuiver Albert Kuip Garden chair

The first Zuiver outdoor chair is now a reality

You can now make your garden or terrace Zuiverproof with the Albert Kuip Garden chair! With the first Zuiver outdoor chair now a reality, a long cherished wish of the Zuiver team has finally become reality. Tom: “Zuiver had several requirements for its garden chair. It had to be a cast aluminium chair that was both comfortable, lightweight and stackable. These were the key starting points that we took to the drawing board.”

With its distinctive design, Albert Kuip Garden is a 100% match with the Albert Kuip chair. “It’s very attractive to have the Albert Kuip chairs around the dining table inside and the garden version on the terrace outside. If you ask me it’s the ultimate way to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces”, Douwe adds. More design appeal can be found in the refined slots in the seat that make Albert Kuip Garden stackable up to four chairs high.

Zuiver Albert Kuip Garden is a cast aluminium outdoor chair. The benefit of a powder-coated aluminium chair is its durability. “Aluminium doesn’t rust, even when the chair is scratched. This means you can enjoy your chairs for many years to come!”, according to Gert.

"Albert Kuip Garden is a cast aluminium outdoor chair, which is comfortable, lightweight and stackable"

Zuiver Albert Kuip Garden chair

Zuiver Bundy pegboard

Style this modern memo board with personal treasures

Let your creativity flow with Zuiver Bundy pegboard. This metal memo board or pin board is available in trendy colours and can be used anywhere. It is you who decides where to put the shelves, hooks and magnets. Mount it horizontally or vertically on the wall. Place your favourite home deco items on the shelves, use the magnets to display your dearest photos and enjoy this fun Zuiver pegboard!

Zuiver Bundy pegboard

Zuiver Uncle Jesse lounge chair

An easy chair that’s surprisingly small in size and floor space

Zuiver Uncle Jesse lounge chair is the perfect, modern lounge chair. With its straight, clean lines, this attractive relax chair fits into even the sleekest interior! The wide seat and generous armrests give you the sense of sitting on a throne. With its swivel base and separately available footstool, this lounge chair provides an unsurpassed level of comfort. Added benefit: this relax chair is surprisingly small and therefore also suitable for smaller spaces!