Olaf Weller is a talented and quirky designer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Designer Olaf Weller entrusted us with his design. A design inspired by old ship lights. This special lamp, named Navigator, is a clean-lined, modern lamp with a wink to the past.

A hobby turned into a success story

Weller is an Amsterdam-born designer who moved to Rotterdam. “During my Industrial Design studies I used to design lamps in my spare time. It began as a hobby but soon grew into a success story.” Meanwhile, four of Weller’s lamp designs are in production, of which Navigator is his second.

"Navigator is a clean-lined, modern lamp with a wink to the past"

“The soul of the lamp lies in its clean-lined, modern design”, Weller says. “I achieved this by combining traditional and modern production techniques. The lamp consist of laser-cut MDF parts combined with a milled and rolled metal globe. The prominent bolts and nuts reveal the lamp’s construction and strengthen its robust character.”


On the floor: Zuiver Navigator table lamp

According to Weller, Navigator is a total package: “The lamp is harmonious and balanced, and provides a wonderful play of light. What I personally love about it is the fact that it has a secret on the inside: one of the frame rods can be removed, enabling you to easily reach the light source. This gives the lamp something extra special, a certain mystical quality.”

Navigator is available in a pendant lamp, table lamp and wall lamp.

On the windowsill: Zuiver Navigator table lamp

Zuiver Navigator wall lamp