Rik van Mierlo is a student at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and a young, talented designer.

Rik van Mierlo is a student at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He also enjoys designing in his free time. He designed two minimalistic, timeless clocks for our home deco collection which both totally meet our Zuiver DNA requirements.

Pure, minimalist Zuiver clock

Minimal and Uno are clocks with a modern and timeless design. When designing the clocks, Rik was actually inspired by the complete opposite: “Inspiration for the design originates from my granny’s place. I wanted to work with the old-fashioned wooden pendulum wall and table clocks. The dark brown lacquered, super solid ones. I used the charm of these objects and transformed them into a contemporary design. This is how I got the idea for Zuiver’s Minimal clock – a round, simple, sleek, minimalist design with perfect proportions.”

"Inspiration for the Minimal clock originates from my granny’s place"


Left: Zuiver Uno clock, right: Zuiver Minimal clock

Showpieces for life

The design of Uno is also based on an old-fashioned clock, in this case, a wooden table clock. Rik: “I wanted to simulate the design and style old clock while keeping its solid look and feel.” The result is Zuiver Uno table clock: a heavy clock made from concrete in combination with cork.

Zuiver’s Minimal and Uno clocks are small works of art in themselves. You can place them as decorative art pieces in your living room. They will be your showpieces for life!

Zuiver Minimal clock

Zuiver Uno clock