Caroline van Velze and Richard Halberstadt are co-founders of the Dutch interior brand Zuiver. Together, they form the heart of Zuiver’s design team.

Caroline van Velze and Richard Halberstadt are Zuiver’s main designers. Caroline is always in touch with the latest interior trends, while Richard’s strength is developing designs from the drawing board through to their becoming actual Zuiver products. Together they stand for a steadily expanding collection of Dutch designs that also make perfect combinations with each other.

"All items in the steadily expanding collection make perfect combinations"

Working together with young designers

In addition to creating new designs, Caroline and Richard work together as a team in coaching Zuiver’s guest designers. Caroline: “We regularly invite exciting young designers to design a potential product for us. We believe that it is very important to give young designers an opportunity to gain practical experience and to coach them where needed. This cooperative relationship benefits both sides: Zuiver and the students.”

Richard: “It is very inspiring to work with a new generation of designers. It also helps to keep us on our toes with regard to our own work.”

A trendy, fresh and surprising collection

Caroline and Richard regularly go on trips all over the world. Richard: “Not all our designs come from our own drawing boards. Many product ideas originate at our suppliers’ production sites. We go there with our sketches and work the designs out on site with the furniture makers themselves. Caroline: “Sometimes we’re also inspired during our travels by a piece of furniture that isn’t even planned. When this happens, we start drawing sketches right away. These spontaneous ideas ensure that our products are at the leading edge of the latest interior trends and keep the collection trendy, fresh and surprising.”

"The Zuiver products are at the leading edge of the latest interior trends"

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