Have you been to the Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven yet? It’s simply buzzing with enterprising and innovative Dutch designers who all want to go far! For our Zuiver design team it’s always one of the must-see events of October. You can go and take a look until this weekend. My design team has put together a list of not-to-miss tips for those planning a visit. Dutch design for today at home in the Netherlands!

Eindhoven is bursting with energy. The design craze has spread into every corner of the city. It’s a good thing you can easily get to the different festival locations using one of the design rides, the hop-on hop-off bus or even a bicycle. But although getting from A to B is easy, there’s so much to see that you will still need to make choices. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things not to miss!

Tip for all locations: take the time to learn about the stories behind the designs by talking to the makers/designers instead of rushing past them!

“In Eindhoven the design craze has spread into every corner of the city”

Design Academy Graduation Show – De Witte Dame
There’s no way you can deny it. This is still why Eindhoven is the location for this event, and rightly so. The theme of this year’s Graduation Show is IN NEED OF… What do we need, what is needed, how can we change the world with the help of design?

Warm your hands over one of the crackling fires and enjoy the work of 180 creatives who work together in the wonderfully free atmosphere of Sectie-C.
Make a kind of selfie in the Photo-Work-Shop, view a lamp that sounds like a clock and try not to fall for Inge Kuipers’ Bend-it shoes. Take a minute to admire the mixed media drawings by Roel Geboers and make sure you don’t forget the animations of Niels Hoebers. And that’s just a few highlights…

Relaxed atmosphere at Sectie-C

Design Perron
Is it the craftsmanship, the statement or simply the mix that prevails at Design Perron? There’s no accounting for taste, but Chris Ruhe’s cabinet made out of carved MDF is certainly remarkable. Roos Soetekouw is back to show some beautiful woven fabrics with a story. And let’s not forget the City patterns: high-quality scarves by Nelson Peterson with patterns based on urban architecture.
NEFFA presents an in-depth inquiry that shows it is entirely true to its mission: textile innovation, but with a difference. Take a look also at the Arts & Crafts alumni. There is lots to see, e.g. the ‘tailor-made’ bags and shoes of Sarah Boeren.


Design Perron: left: beautiful fabric by Roos Soetekouw / right: MDF cabinet by Chris Ruhe

With Maarten Baas as one of the ambassadors of DDW 2016 you simply can’t pass over VDMA… Let yourself be amazed by a multidisciplinary exhibition where you can experience the 200 year making process of the Tree Trunk Chair with hololens augmented virtual reality glasses.

De Kazerne
Eating, drinking and design … It’s something De Kazerne offers all year round. During DDW you’ll find the Dutch Design x Kickstarter crowdfunding projects here, amongst other things. These range from a specially designed font for dyslexics to the highly tactile Wolwaeren by Roland Pieter Smit. But there’s much more to be seen in and around the restaurant. Make sure not to miss The Cosmic Garden, an installation of light and glass by Jan Koen Lomans & Marc Mulders.

De Kazerne: left: Cosmic Garden by Lomans & Mulder / right: a font for dyslexics

And no: we certainly don’t think you can skip locations like Klokgebouw (hall 1 in particular) and Veemgebouw (especially the 9th floor). And while you’re at Strijp-S… Maybe plan an extra day?
For those who can’t go to Eindhoven, you can read back on everything you missed in our next blog. More about the Dutch Design Week coming up; keep an eye on our blog!