Our Fall/Winter 2020 collection is all about a new sense of living.
Difficult times can uncover unexpected surprises. Silence, clear skies and unobstructed light gave our cities, parks and even the view from our windows a different vibe. Nature seemed to step into the voids created by the sudden standstill of daily life. A new and endless source of inspiration.

Our colour palette captures the famous Dutch sky. The setting sun reflected on the cumulus clouds. Brown, blue, black and grey neutrals are combined with refined matte and glossy silver accents. Blending raw materials such as black oak, bamboo, linen and brushed metal with organic, huggable silhouettes. Zuiver brings those ideas indoors. To make our own space as comforting as can be and add that pure sense of home. We all know the new importance of home.

The new collection will be available from October 15. Find your nearest store here.

Your Living Room

Let our new design must-haves set the scene for a cosy and comfortable living room. A space where you can chill down, entertain your friends, read a book or do your morning workout routine. Get the vibe? We proudly present our new designs for your living room.

Your Dining room

There is a reason why they call it the heart of the house. Your dining room is where you start your day and where you end your day, gather together with family and friends, and above all, enjoy your home-made meals or the best takeaway in town. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional chef or just a beginner, with our new designs you give your dining space something tasty.

Your Home office

There is no place like home, but a comfortable workplace at home can be quite a challenge. Create the right ambiance to feed your creativity and productivity. Need some help with the design of your home office? Looking for a desk, chair or suitable lamp? Set up your workspace with our new home office designs.


We hope you’re just as excited about our new Fall/Winter collection as we are.
From October 15 onwards the collection will be available at our selected physical and online resellers worldwide.
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“At the start of the lockdown earlier this year, evening walks in my hometown Amsterdam were a perfect way to clear my head and have a moment for myself. During these walks I was mesmerized by the beautiful colour palette of the sky during sunset. The sun’s reflections on the clouds. Something that was always there but because of the slowdown it really caught my eye. I felt like the sky was clearer than before. I captured these magnificent hues in the new Fall/Winter collection.” – Caroline van Velze, Creative Director Zuiver