The new year always means hectic times at Zuiver! Being the beginning of the major international interior season, January kicks off with the furniture trade fairs. Here, brands present what they regard as ‘new, hot and happening’ to buyers, press, trend watchers, (interior) architects and anyone else working in the furniture industry. A brand such as Zuiver – with retail outlets in over fifty countries – is, of course, among those participating. And that involves simultaneous pop-ups in Cologne and Paris, all in the space of a few weeks!

Each year we have a floor area of over 250m2 to showcase our new Zuiver pieces in Cologne and Paris. All of them are products we’re proud of, products we’ve developed over the past six months. It’s so exciting. Take our new chair Nikki, the result of more than six months of making sketches and samples, choosing fabrics, selecting the right trend colour, testing seat comfort, producing yet another sample, and so forth. A huge amount of tender, loving care is involved, so I’m sure you can imagine it’s really exciting to expose it to the opinions of all those international experts. In a way such a chair almost becomes your baby.

In January we presented our new Nikki chairs at Maison & Objet 2017 (left photo)

I always start preparing for these furniture fairs well in advance, in October at the latest. First of all I sketch our stand design for my team to work out in 3D. I create a practical layout of the stand, determine the mood rooms and fill them in to the smallest details. It’s a super fun task, almost like being allowed to do the layout of a big loft!

The Zuiver pieces we take with us are the newest items, the bestsellers and the eye-catchers. It’s quite a list this year. Unlike many other brands that traditionally present new products twice a year, we at Zuiver develop new items all through the year. Pendant lamp Gringo and floor lamp Ivy are new, but so are mirror Bandit, clock Pendulum Time, cabinet Son, carpet Punja, etc. I’m sure you see my dilemma. Choices need to be made, even with a quarter square kilometre at our disposal! Everything in my pop-up store must be tip-top and live up to ‘my’ standards, which basically means it must be photogenic and have the Zuiver DNA.

"The recurring question every year: 'Which products should we take to the trade fair?'"

All our preparations eventually lead to a fabulous result!

Then the time has finally come. It’s all hands on deck in Cologne, Paris and at the Zuiver headquarters in Westzaan. Two colossal trucks need to leave on time, one heading to Cologne and the other to Paris. Everyone is in a state of heightened readiness and it’s a time of wholesome meals, early nights and lots of laughter. All three are very important when you’re under this kind of pressure!

Another part of the operation is the big switchover of Zuiver staff. Cologne is set up first, and once the sales team there is up and running, my design team continues on to Paris, where I join them after several days in Cologne.

As soon as the event opens its doors in Paris and the team is operating smoothly I take the time to stroll around the fair myself. Just like everyone else I want to find out what’s new, hot and happening! I’ll tell you all about it next time, so stay tuned!

"At the trade fair I naturally want to see what’s new, hot and happening"

Curious about the trends for the coming years? Read all about it in our next blog