Create the best surroundings for working at home. Zuiver offers smart home office solutions so your workplace stays organized and fuels your creative energy.

6 product tips to create the perfect home office set-up.


Opt for a desk table that takes up little space. Barbier looks like an ordinary table but suddenly transforms into a beautiful desk table.
Done with work for the day? Store pens, papers and other notes inside, slide the table top back and get ready for the evening!


We love turning our dining chairs into office chairs. They are perfect for your home office with practical wheels and a swivel base!
Would you choose Nikki office chair or OMG office chair?


Keep your desk clean, by storing what you don’t need daily. Pick one of our beauties like the Barbier cabinet.
Barbier is big enough to store all your stuff. You could also leave the doors slightly open and use it as a display cabinet.


Both sunlight and artificial lighting are key to working effectively!
We’ve got various cute desk lamps, which will help you read, write or sketch even when it’s dark outside. How about Lub, Pixie or Study desk lamp.


Get creative with our pegboard Bundy!
Place treasures, quotes, reminders and other personal items on those bamboo shelves. Use the hooks and magnets in ways only you can come up with.


When working and creating having a clock is key! You wouldn’t want to forget a business call, meeting or dentist appointment.
Make a statement with clock Humongous or choose the desk sized Pendulum Time clock.