Crisis in the world equals abundant colours in fashion. Strange but true! During the Great Depression in the 30’s, Chanel by far sold more of her red lipstick. For the last few years you could see colour pop-up around you. Bright colours, even neon! From dip-dyed furniture and walls to dip-dyed hair. We have seen it all. Bright colours in our appearance and in our home is our way to give counterweight to the bad news around us.

It makes sense that the colour palette after the crisis becomes more modest and less bold. The excesses are less bright and lean more towards the grey tones. With that, the large colour excess moves to the hall and the bedrooms of the children and our own. In these areas of your home it is actually most advisable, crisis or no crisis, to embrace a more serene colour pallet. Colour has a larger impact on you than you might think, one colour can make you feel very restless while another can make you feel mellow.

"Colour has a larger impact on you than you might think."

Numerous American sheriffs in the seventies would paint the walls of a jail cell, where detained drunks had to sleep it off (the ‘drunk tank’), in a certain shade of pink. This colour, named ‘Drunk Tank Pink’, would make it impossible to become angry and aggressive. TIP: to create ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ you need about 3,5 litres of white latex paint and mix this with halve a litre of red eggshell paint.

It is also soothing, and very nice, to paint your bedroom using a light shade of blue. Choose for instance the colour R6.06.73 from the Sikkens 5051 collection. A beautiful reassuring blue which is a wonderful match to the Zuiver Clock Ceramic Time Blue and floorlamp Study Grey.

Chose blue as in Teal to brighten up your interior a bit more: colour number R1.35.23 from the Sikkens 3031 collection: harmonious and authentic, a hint of the past. Zuivers throw blanket and throw pillow Aster and throw blanket Cosima Blue and Yellow would combine very nicely here.

What is your favourite combination? Let us know and post your picture on Instagram with #zuiver.