Which pieces of furniture would you like to add to your living room? And what lights? What will your bedroom look like next year and how will you embellish your hall and your sitting area? Would you like knitted pillows, or rather not. Would you like a brown or an ochre throw blanket?

"Most people won’t have the slightest idea yet. Understandable and valid!"

As the Art Director at Zuiver, I do have to know what you want to have in your home next year. So don’t you panic, I will figure this out for you. There is nothing I’d rather do! For Zuiver I am always on the lookout for the latest interior trends. We wouldn’t want them in stores by tomorrow. That wouldn’t work.  A trend takes time to find its way to the large public. On top of that: searching, creating, designing and manufacturing items for a new collection takes months. The trick is to foresee which forms, colours and materials to use. This is why I need to ‘Trend watch’. It is like reading tea leaves on the bottom of a cup, but if you do it well, your brand we will be successful.

At Zuiver we like reading tea leaves. Our entire team is constantly browsing through international
and national magazines, because stylists of magazines are usually also very good trend watchers.
Add up the large amount of traveling we do, for instance visiting trade fairs, to see what young
designers around the world are up to.

The world is focussing on fashion and furniture from Northern Europe. Zuiver embraces this
Northern European style. Many of our designs showcase fresh Scandinavian
colours, clear lines,
bold designs and many wooden elements combined with white and natural materials.

"Marble, light colours and metals: if you look around you, you will find these elements everywhere."

Blog1_Trendwatching_foto7 Blog_01-Trendwatching_Led it be desk setting 

In The Netherlands, Zuiver is active the ‘Scandinavian way’. Mostly in our use of colour and materials you will find the northern influences. An apparent example is, of course, our side table White Stone which goes very well with Carpet Norway in blue in combination with the light grey sofa Dragon.

Why don’t you shop around in our Zuiver ‘candystore’? You will find it all! Meanwhile I will go in search of what you will want to find there next year!