Text: guest blogger Eveliene van Zanten, Zuiver Marketing Team

Lighting is often neglected as an easy way to create a particular ambience in your interior. It is easy to think: “I’ll put a lamp here, hang up a lamp over there and that’s it.” This is a pity, because carefully chosen lighting can add a whole new dimension to your interior. Lighting really does make a difference. And you don’t even need to be an interior stylist to take advantage of the possibilities it offers. This blog shows you what lighting can do for your interior. We hope it will enable you to make better use of lighting in your own home.

When it comes to interiors, many different styles are possible. You have probably heard of styles such as country, minimalist, retro, modern, jungle fever and Scandinavian. Which style is right for you? How do you ensure that your carefully selected furniture and lighting creates a unified whole with a particular look and ambience? What should you pay attention to when buying light fittings? This blog will help you to answer these questions.

G.T. A. pendant lamp – Ivy floor lamp – Shade Double wall lamp – Retro ’70 pendant lamp

Lighting as the element that completes an interior design
Lighting is often the element that completes an interior design. It is important to think about your lighting and plan it carefully. Where are you going to put your basic lighting? Where do you want to be able read in the evening? Where should you put ambient lighting? In addition meeting practical needs, lighting helps to express your desired interior style.

No other interior element offers as wide a choice as lighting. Perhaps this is why it is often presents the most difficult choices in your home. There are so many different models, colours, materials and styles: from industrial lighting, lamps with a Scandinavian design, classic fittings, stylish pendant lamps to romantic reading lamps.

All the more reason to show you what lighting options Zuiver offers and what effects they have on the look of your interior. We have chosen for a basic arrangement with a light grey Jean sofa with pink wallpaper with a watercolour effect (own design). By combining this with different lighting styles, you can discover how the different options affect the look of your interior.

1. Industrial lighting
Robust industrial lighting: as you might expect, this means metal lamps and fittings, dark colours and industrial details. Take Zuiver’s Navigator lamp made from metal and laser-cut wood. Taken alone, these materials are enough to make a very attractive industrial lamp. But we also gave this lamp robust bolts and nuts as eye-catching details.

A robust-looking industrial interior

Pink wallpaper makes one think of a romantic and sweet interior. But, in the end, it is the furniture and lighting that create the look and ambience. Wallpaper or coloured walls only add to the look.

If you like a robust-looking interior, but also like a cosy and welcoming feeling, choose black lamps in combination with an interesting detail on your wall and warm-looking wallpaper.

To the right of Jean sofa, we have placed Finlay floor lamp. This floor lamp features a robust-looking base and shade. Navigator wall lamp is fitted to the wall. Next to Nikki armchair, we have placed our Marlon floor lamp. Our Marlon lamps are available as floor-standing and pendant versions. With a black powder-coating and a wooden element on the back of the shade, Marlon fits into a robust interior perfectly.

Repeating the pink colour in accessories creates a unified whole. This is one of the most important aspects of a successful interior design: the power of repeated and common elements. Use recurring colours and materials in your interior style, as this creates a unified whole.

2. Scandinavian lighting
For a completely different look, we’ll go with the Scandinavian interior trend. In terms of lighting, this means fittings with a minimalist design, soft colours and made from wood and metal. If you choose this style of lighting and apply it to our pink setting with a light-grey sofa, you can see right away the different ambience it creates.

Scandinavian interior

On the left, you can see our Ivy floor lamp. Ivy’s adjustable spotlights are ideal for reading a magazine or newspaper in your favourite lounge chair in the evening. We have placed a white Shady table lamp on the Barbier dresser. Shady is a lovely lamp with a stylish and distinctive design. The gold-coloured accent adds a touch of class to the whole.
To provide light for reading on the couch, Shady Double wall lamp is a good choice.

The light-coloured basic elements consist of a Malva carpet, Dendron side tables (in two sizes) and a dark grey Adwin armchair. We have hung our stylish gold-coloured Bandit mirror above the wooden dresser. Fitting the Fad wall shelves above the sofa has created a handy personal styling place for displaying favourite items like treasured photos.

3. Jungle Fever
Let’s go green and bring lots of nature into our interior. This means lots of houseplants but also the right lighting. The Zuiver Birdy lamps fit into this trendy setting perfectly with their wicker bands. Put nice bulbs in them and the picture is complete. Our Saber light box is an essential addition. You can emphasize the jungle fever trend by displaying a well-chosen text on it.

Jungle fever interior

Our Zuiver collection includes many more products made from natural materials. Our Tripod Cork floor lamp features a shade made from cork. Our LED-it-be table lamp is made from solid ash wood and is fitted with an LED bulb to make it even more green. Combine it with other accessories like a candleholder in the form of a palm tree or monkey to add the finishing touch to your jungle interior. And what about our green Zuiver Palm carpet? What could be more suitable for a jungle look? Tarzan eat your heart out…

Lighting deserves that little bit of extra attention
This blog is intended to show what lighting can do in your interior: that it can add an extra feeling to your interior and that it really is worth giving it a little more time and love. By choosing the right lighting for your basic interior arrangement you can add a whole new dimension to it.

If you want to change the look of your interior, we hope we have shown you that you do not necessarily have to repaint the walls. And you don’t need to buy a whole new set of furniture and fittings either. You can make a change that will make you feel happy while keeping your budget happy as well. And your interior will be good for many more years.

Keep a close eye on the Bold Monkey collection as well, the place to be for extravagant design furniture.

What is your own personal interior style? And how have you translated your preferences into your own interior? Upload your photo to social media using the #zuiver hashtag. We would love to see your results!