Every year in April the entire world of interior is dominated by design. The latest interior trends are presented. Young designers show their most recent creations and established interior design brands reveal their newest designs. All of this takes place in the Italian city Milan, a city that gets completely turned upside down during these days. Every year!

Milan, a full week in April. From across the world everybody and anybody that has anything to do with furniture comes to Milan to get up to speed about what is or will be hip and happening, just for this one week. The rest of the year everyone is busy evaluating everything about the week in Milan and preparing for the week to come the following year..

When in Milan I usually run myself ragged. The fair is not only held on a fairground (imagine the RAI in Amsterdam, but about ten times bigger), but mostly outside of these grounds. Throughout the city, shops are temporarily cleared and rented out to designers and furniture brands. You use the subway to get from A to B and when you arrive, you walk until you drop. Not in the weekend though, then we make way for the Italians bringing their kids, dog, grandmother and grandfather to the city to take a glance at all the beauty displayed all over the city. If you were to be amongst them, you would be shuffling from piece to piece.

"Throughout the city, shops are temporarily cleared and rented out to designers and furniture brands."

This week in April is a quite exhausting (but extremely fun) activity, but the true work that needs to be done starts back home. I go through my pictures from Milan for days, to create a trend article and at the same time my feet get the chance to recover from all the walking. In this article I describe what caught my eye in Milan. Which trends are to come and which disappeared. Our design team uses this report as a reference when designing new Zuiver products. This is how side table White Stone came to life.

During this city trip I keep an eye out for upcoming colours, materials, shapes, designs and new applications. Carpet Ziggy and Graphic with their matching throw pillows are a good example. I always take a closer look at the presentations of young designers. I want to know what they are up to. Most of the time their work is very forward, it grabs you. They usually are the first to see which materials, colours and shapes will be rising. Although there are times that I look at it and think to myself ‘what do they want to accomplish with this?’

"For a few moments, me and my team will discuss the ‘why’".

For a few moments, me and my team will discuss the ‘why’. What intentions are behind the design, which era is the designer tapping into and why does he or she believe this will be it…. Thankfully the designer is always there and very eager to explain his or her creation. Sometimes it turns out we were so very off, that the story of the designer will take us by surprise! Wonderful when that happens!

Beware: when it comes to design week in Milan, it is impossible for you to see it all. Therefore it is important to know in advance which presentations you really want to visit, there is just too much to discover in only 5 days. The huge fair premises ‘Salone del Mobile’, where all the established brands are located, is too large to view in its entirety. Once in a while it is necessary to come to terms with this fact, preferably while eating an Italian ice-cream. This is why we never go without a visit to the ice-cream parlour Bastianello. Or how about a nice drink at Boccino? What trends did I discover this year? I will write about it in my next blog, which will be online soon!

Stay tuned!