Children really are wonderful! All the clichés are true. You will never have felt as much love and pride before you have them. A ruined interior design seems a small price to pay for so much familial happiness. Or can the two go together: a beautiful interior and a gang of kids in your home?

Every parent knows the everyday mishaps: grubby handprints on the upholstery of the dining chairs, the stains on the couch from a leaking drinking cup that was supposed to be leakproof and as for the wetness indicator on diapers, you learn not to trust them. And then we haven’t even mentioned all the extra stuff having a mini-you entails. From your little one’s first birthday your home is cluttered by a veritable tsunami of plastic toys.

Of course, we accept the slow decline of our carefully styled and tidily organised interior, but it still hurts a little sometimes. And not just when you’ve stepped on a sharp Lego piece with your bare foot… it comes from somewhere deep inside.

“And the good news? It’s easy to make your home kidsproof with Zuiver furniture!"

Create a kidsproof interior with Zuiver furniture

In the end, the only solution is to make your interior as kidsproof as possible. When your toddler begins to crawl and walk, you need to make your home safe for your toddler, but you probably also want to make your interior safe from spilled drinking cups and sandwiches that (in accordance with Murphy’s law) never fail to land messy side down.

Yes it is possible. And the best news: you can have a beautiful interior at the same time. We have put together a kidsproof Zuiver interior together for you.

"Using these specially selected Zuiver items, you can create an interior that is resistant to adventurous and boisterous kids, yet stylish enough to bring a twinkle to the eyes of the hippest moms and dads."

Zuiver Albert Kuip is a perfect chair for a home full of kids

At the dining table, we have Dutch Design Albert Kuip plastic chairs. Kids are no problem with these trendy and colourful dining chairs because they are easy to simply wipe clean with a cloth.

Our favourite kidsproof tables: Zuiver Glimps and Zuiver Storm

Glimps dining table is also kidsproof, because it can grow with the family: you can simply slide it out to extend it. Our Storm table is also a good choice, as it has rounded corners which are safer for little ones.

Handy: you always have a tray within arms’ reach with Zuiver’s Oak Tray coffee and side table

In the seating area, tables with a rim are practical and it is better to avoid sharp edges and corners. Our tables DendronKelly Tray and Oak Tray are ideal. The latter two also feature a table top that can be used as a tray: handy for parents who want to put a mess away quickly.

Hide things away in the Zuiver Hide & Seek side table

With our Hide & Seek side table, you can try to conceal your iPad and remote controls from your toddlers.…

Learn to read with the Zuiver Saber wall lamp

When it comes to lighting, lots of solutions can be found that are good for mom, dad and the kids. For example, take our Saber lamp: a trendy cinema lightbox with lettering and one of Zuiver’s bestsellers. It looks very attractive on your wall, but it is also completely kidsproof there. You can change the letters on the Saber lightbox, so you put special messages on it for birthdays or at Christmas.

Kidsproof wall-mounted lamps like Zuiver’ Navigator, Luci-2 LED spotlight and Gringo lamp

Wall-mounted lamps are at a safe height and cannot be bumped into. Zuiver offers many trendy wall lighting options including our NavigatorGringo Wall Lamp. You can also fit spotlights that are usually ceiling-mounted to a wall instead. For example, you can fit one above the changing table in the children’s room. Although all Zuiver’s spotlights use LED lights (so they do not become hot), always mount lights at a safe distance from exploring little hands.

Zuiver’s G.T.A. pendant lamp and Prime pendant lamps are ideal or hanging above the “grown-ups table”

If you need higher lighting, take a look at Zuiver’s pendant lamps. Our GringoPrime and G.T.A lamps all have a closed cover. This means that the light is diffused well and never shines directly in the eyes, even if your little one is looking up from the floor in a baby rocker…

Zuiver’s Jean sofa is a lovely sofa for the whole family

The whole family can watch TV together without any worries on Zuiver’s chic Jean Sofa. The attractive 2½-seater and big single-seater are comfortable to sit on, lie on and hang out on. But the most important thing is: you can clean them easily with a moist cloth. They are also covered with melange fabric, which makes small stains less noticeable. You can make things even more comfortable for yourself and your little ones by adding a few nice cushions like our MiamiMonty or Sarona. They are all very soft and available in colours your kids will like too.

No need for cold feet with Zuiver’s Malva and Obi carpets

A carpet is basically essential if you have children in your home, especially if you have a hard floor. Children love playing on Zuiver’s low-pile carpets like our Malva CarpetPalm Carpet and Obi Carpet. Toy cars and balls roll over them easily and they are easy to keep clean. All these carpets have a rough underside so that they do not slip easily. They all have a melange pattern that helps to hide small mishaps.

Nice and tidy with Zuiver Barbier range

Storage possibilities are very important in a living room shared with children. There are hardly any interior styles that brightly coloured plastic toys combine well with. Put them all out of sight in the evening in Zuiver’s Barbier range. There are various models: cabinetdresserconsole table and desk. All models have rolling doors and rounded corners, so no sharp points.

Decorate with sturdy items like Zuiver’s Pulp Time and Cork Time clocks and Zuiver’s Blob and Bloom vases

Do balls sometimes bounce against your walls? With Zuiver’s Pulp Time and Cork Time clocks, there is no need to worry. They are made from cardboard and lightweight, so they can withstand a bump (or two). Just like Zuiver’s Blob and Bloom vase ranges, which are made from metal and aluminium respectively. Try damaging a metal vase…

Don’t forget anything when going out the door with Zuiver’s Round Wall mirror

Tidy is nice! Zuiver even has a kidsproof solution for your keys so you don’t have search the house for them: our Round Wall Mirror. Hang this mirror up at the front door and make a habit of putting your keys into it. Little hands cannot reach them there, saving you from the frustration of having to find them.

Would you like to get some tips from Zuiver’s design team about how to make your home kidsproof? If so post a photo on Facebook or Instagram using the #zuiverkidsproof tag and ask us your question.