My definition of a cosy living room seating area always includes a carpet. A seating area without a carpet is like a house without a roof – cold, Spartan and naked. Luckily, more and more people are realising that their living room is not complete without a carpet.

One of the biggest advantages of a carpet is difficult to explain in words. It is something you have to see. A carpet creates a delineated space for your seating area. This gives your seating area its own space and makes it feel cosy and snug, even if the seating area is actually situated in a larger more open space.

A carpet also functions as a binding agent. It creates a connection between all the furniture placed on the carpet so that they form a unit. Thanks to the carpet, your armchairs and couch immediately belong together. The relationship between the different furniture becomes natural and this creates a pleasant feeling.

Choose a large carpet for under your dining table, like Zuiver’s Magic carpet.

It is very modern to have a carpet under your dining table. Having a lavish carpet under your dining chairs and table is nice way to make them form a unit and also highlights your style. Make sure that the dining chairs are actually on the carpet and remain on the carpet when pushed back. This avoids the legs becoming hooked behind the carpet edge and chairs being at an angle. Also, a too small carpet looks very skimpy in this situation.

You also see carpets more and more often in bedrooms. The days of wall-to-wall carpeting seem to be over and today hard floors are preferred. To add a warm feeling to a rather cold looking floor, you can put a carpet under the end of your bed. Place it so that it is half under the end of the bed and the other half extends into the room.

“Did you know that we have more than 50 different carpets in our collection?”

Did you you know that we have 16 different carpets in our Zuiver collection? And that there are many different colours and sizes? I decided to count them all. I arrived at a total of 51… In other words, there is something for everyone. You can find them all on our site. (Take a look, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.) I have included some of my favourites below.

The modern Zuiver carpets, Magic and Yenga

A modern faded look: Magic and Yenga

These light-coloured carpets feature a pattern that appears worn and weathered. They have the charm of a perfectly aged factory building, but in the form of a lovely soft fresh carpet with a low pile.

Tip: It is a good idea to put a carpet under your dining table, especially if the table has a similar (wood) colour as the floor. Placing a carpet under the table creates more contrast and lets your dining table and chairs shine.

Obi for a warm look and feel

A warm look and feel: Obi carpet

If you love warm sandy beaches, Zuiver’s Obi carpet is a good choice. Obi’s faded look always makes me think of a warm sandy beach at low tide. This soft carpet has a low pile and a beautiful colour gradient effect.

Meet Grace…

Art Deco: Grace

Grace features a graphic relief pattern. This nice 3D-effect plays with the eye. This is a carpet that looks like it might have been taken from 1930’s drawing room – one of those drawing rooms with a drinks trolley, a velvet chaise longue and a beautiful lampshade with a fringe: very dandy and chic…

The Palm colour range

Trendy: Palm

Palm is a carpet that fits perfectly with today’s “urban jungle” trend. This soft low-pile carpet is available in a choice of two colours. The dark green version is an ideal match with your collection of indoor plants. The darker version goes perfectly with an attractive black and white style. You can use round rattan mirrors, large plants in terra cotta pots and walls in a clay-like colour to transform your room into a conservatory.

Zuiver’s Pure and Punja carpets

Atmospheric: Pure and Punja

These lovely wool mix carpets are like warm knitted cable sweater for your floor. Your feet will never feel cold on this lovely thick, hand-knotted carpet. Punja has a nice relief pattern that adds an extra touch. Our Pure carpet is available in three colours.

Tip: If you love your carpet and are open to something different… Fasten a wooden slat to your wall and hang your carpet on the wall. This results in good acoustics and is a simple way to put a trendy XXL artwork on your wall!

“King Willem-Alexander.. this is for you!”

Old Dutch: Milkmaid

You couldn’t get more Dutch… Zuiver’s Milkmaid carpet is inspired by traditional Delft blue colours. The pattern is based on an antique Persian carpet and the name… well I don’t think I have to explain that. (This carpet is so Dutch that I could imagine using this carpet for the home of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima… if they ever let me decorate it…)

Have lots of fun choosing the right carpet for your home. If you would like some tips, please e-mail us and tell us about your carpet dilemma. I am sure we can solve it for you. Post your picture on Instagram using the hashtag #zuiver.