Whenever we are in Paris, the Zuiver team always stays overnight in Hotel Denfert, located in the not too expensive 14th district. Comfortably priced and yet trendy! Located in Rue Daguerre, a vibrant street filled with specialized food shops that set out their goods on stalls early in the morning. Fresh pasta, fresh fish, cheese and fruit… everything within reach.

When we walk to the subway early in the morning on fair days, we always visit the “Fruit jeweller”. Ridiculously expensive, but so very beautiful. We traditionally get tangerines and further down the street we get some croissants and crispy baguettes at the ‘boulangerie’. At night you can go to a hundred and one restaurants and wine bars in Rue Daguerre. Our favourite wine bar is Le Repair de Bacchusthey don’t only serve wonderful Sancerre but also delicious and succulent hams.

It is that our hotel is almost on top of it all, for “Who needs sleep?”, when all of this is happening right under your bedroom window? But still, we feel most at home at our Hotel Denfert, because here you will spot a fair number of Zuivers ‘in the wild’. You will come across our Ridge Barstools at the reception and find our Graphic Carpets in the lounge of the breakfast hall, the matching Graphic Pillows will be on the sofas. Now, as icing on the cake, they asked us to think about the restyling of the bedrooms! This hotel is surely going to be a keeper for the Zuiver team!

"There is more to do! Today I will - of course by bicycle - inhale trends and inspiration in the city."

First stop is 19, Rue Yves Toudic. This is where you will find the new interior design shop Madeleine & Gustave located in an amazing industrial building. Completely renovated from top to bottom, but very minimalistic to create a serene atmosphere. All product are arranged by colour and on the top floor you can enjoy a cup of fresh roast. It will taste extra good because you will do this whilst sitting in the OMG chairs designed by Zuiver, because they sell Zuiver here. What a delight! Ask for the owner Pascalle and she will give you a guided tour, like a true hostess she will show you her three story high building. And… any presents you might buy will be wrapped for you without using any tape! A must see!

In the evening I have arranged to meet up with a client at his restaurant, BBB ‘Bistrot Boulevard Batignolles’He wants to share his new concept with me and shows me where my Zuivers found a new home. A very trendy restaurant, with indeed a lot of Zuivers. You can enjoy the beautiful French cuisine here. They serve a wide variety from steak to foie gras. If the chairs, table or lighting appeals to you…. You can add them to your bill after dinner and take them home!

All furniture items you see here are for sale, the Storm table table, the Flexback Chair, the pendant light Deliving. Isn’t that true delight: enjoying wonderful French cuisine whilst being surrounded by my own Zuiver products! What an amazing concept this is. He reveals to me that he is busy opening another location… I will be sure to check it out next time!