Throughout the year we add new products to the Zuiver range. In doing so we keep a keen eye on current and future interior trends. What are the upcoming colour trends, which products will we launch and in which materials? At Zuiver we’re always busy spotting trends. What’s hot and what’s not?

As soon as a new product meets our Zuiver DNA requirements, we roll out the red carpet to the photo studio. In our showroom we have our own photo studio, where our two photographers work hard all day arranging and styling the set design. When we’re not working on location we use our own photo studio and showroom as a location. This showroom is also where we work, so things can get pretty hectic here sometimes. As well as a large number of beautiful mood photos, we also take many product photos. These images are used for various purposes such as our website and of course our Zuiver Instagram account.

Are you getting curious about our new products yet? I concluded my last blog “Hold on tight, Memphis is coming your way” by giving you a small hint of the new collection.  What I revealed was that we would be working more with soft, muddy, clay colours. These earthy shades go hand in hand with the colours of concrete, wood and plants. The result is a natural colour palette that can be applied in every interior.

"For the new collection we will be working more with soft, muddy, clay colours"

See how wonderfully the earthy shades and the wood go together with the olive green wall? We used Olive Tree by Flexa.”

In order to offer a complete interior the demand for home accessories has grown. Using home decor items such as vases, candlesticks and wall shelves, you can style your home to the max without spending huge sums of money. So you’ll be pleased to hear many such products are about to be added to the Zuiver collection.

To photograph these new products we painted the wall in the seasonal colour Olive Tree by Flexa. We styled our photos with lots of plants and cacti as these match the olive green background wall so well.

The Zuiver Blob vases are a really nice addition to the collection. Available in large and extra-large in a colour palette from black to clay. With the two sizes you can add variation with attractive bouquets and houseplants.

"To photograph the new products we painted the wall in the seasonal colour Olive Tree by Flexa."

Hexagon, Pawn en Bloom in a row from left to right. On the right you see the Tiga side tables

I’m also a big fan of Zuiver’s Bloom vase which responds to the hexagon trend that’s so popular right now. Bloom puts an instant spotlight on a single flower and allows it to shine by itself as if it were a big bouquet!

Tray Hexagon perfectly complements it. You can use it just about anywhere in the home, for jewellery in the bedroom, biscuits or bites on the coffee table, cotton wool balls in the bathroom, bits ‘n’ bobs on my desk; actually, I can think of dozens of uses for Hexagon!

"I can think of dozens of uses for Hexagon!"

Another new item is the Zuiver Pawn candlestick. As you might expect it has that distinctive Zuiver twist. Because it’s not just your usual candlestick, it has a two-in-one function. You see, Pawn can be used with a tea light or candle. Ideal for when the dark winter days return and we want to make our homes feel warm and cosy.

And last but certainly not least there’s side table Tiga. I must admit I’m enraptured by its beautiful clear lines and the way in which the tabletop continues into the leg. As I see it, the Tiga tables are the connecting factor between the clean lines of Hexagon and the roundness of Blob.

On the right you see our new Blob vases

All these home decor items by Zuiver come in earthy shades with a matt finish, as well as being slightly grainy as if they’ve been rolled in shell sand. The material used for these items is metal… super sturdy, ultra cool and very trendy!

Apart from all these refreshing home decor accessories we have another new product that’s about to be launched. I won’t give away what it is just yet, but you can read all about it soon right here on our blog!