Forget about London, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Copenhagen is the new place to be! Okay, okay, I do realize Scandinavia is in my Zuiver genes, but even if you don’t carry the gene you will see how wonderful this city is. Such an energy this Danish metropolis radiates. For five days I have cycled through this city, to soak up all those Scandinavian influences that we at Zuiver love.

The design museum reveals a beautiful piece of history, but what stood out to me, was the street scene. The interiors of the shops, the clothes of the Danes, the raw food restaurants where they all (as if it is obligated) serve your food on heavy ceramic or marble plates and in homemade pottery or marble mugs. It all fits in nicely with the ambiance you see in the design world; pure shapes, honest products made with love. This spring we will hold on to these Scandinavian influences in our homes. The fresh whites, the natural wood….. and we add some soft colours to it. What also stands out this year is that we take a good look at what nature has to offer us. I call this spring trend: Nature Fusion. “Fusion”, because we are going to mix all sorts of things together. Herbs, colours, a variety of natural materials and anything else we can find on our travels.

"I call this spring trend: Nature Fusion".

Everything can be combined. But we need to be able to find its origin. The story behind it, is important and it has to be a good and honest one. We don’t take anything at face value.

Pulp Timeone of Zuivers newest clocks is a suitable example. A product made from natural materials, with a good story behind it. We were traveling through Asia and visited the workshop of our Asian craftsman. It was a warm and clammy afternoon when we designed this stylish clock, whilst sketching and talking. Pulp, created from recycled paper, is poured in a mould designed by us. A mould with our logo on it, because we want to know it’s a Zuiver!