You might not realize this very easily, but mineral resources might just be the hottest trend of this decade. Just think about it: It all started with Tom Dixon, he revived the copper spherical lamp. At Zuiver we already had the same lamp in our collection, but when Dixon brought it back it caused a real commotion.

This winter Coppermania is going around! Does this mean that because of this mega trend we need to restyle our home? Put out all the old furniture and accessories and let the new copper ones back in? No, it is not that serious when it comes to interior fashion. Every year all the new interior trends are presented at the large international fairs, but they always sustain the trends of the year before.

Through the years you can adjust your interior slightly here and there, this way it will never get ‘old fashioned’. This only works if you keep a close eye on the interior trends…. For now, it is copper.

"Through the years you can adjust your interior slightly
here and there, this way it will never get ‘old fashioned."

How do you make sure your home stays up-to-date? This is possible by adding a few things that don’t take too much of a hassle. Have a look in the attic or in the shed. Anything copper, pottery and rough blown vases (vases and pots) can be brought to the living room. Upcycle any old vases and dishes by using copper paint (buy a copper spray-can from your local paint supplier). Create a “still life” with all these items and place them in your room. 

Is your interior due for a significant update, in that case add the copper side table Cupid by Zuiver. Place the Antique Copper next to it. Finish the set by adding side table Oak Tray, the table top of this side table doubles as a perfect tray! In the corner of the room you place Torch Copper. In the blink of an eye you have now pleasantly illuminated your cosy corner.

The colour Real Ocean by Flexa matches perfectly with the warm personality of copper. A ‘power wall’ like that is created over the course of a weekend. The contemporary chair OMG in camel would be an excellent choice for the dinner table. By adding carpet Nepal Dark you complete the look.