Tick-tock, tick-tock, it’s time for Daylight Saving Time and that means we need to change our clocks. Spring is a time of year I really love. The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer and the buds are appearing on the trees in front of my house. On the last Sunday of March, each and every one of us sets our clocks forward one hour so that we can enjoy an extra hour of daylight during the summer months. How great is that?!

I think daylight saving time is a great invention. One of the things I like about this ritual is that it involves handling all those clocks. It just might happen that in late March you discover one of your old clocks is no longer working, or find it so outdated that you’d like to treat yourself to a new one. Or you might discover it would be handy to have a clock on your desk after all. Maybe one of those clocks that allow you to see at a glance what time it is in the time zone where your friends are. Did you know Zuiver has a trendy answer to all these time-related needs with Time Zone clock?

"Spring is a time of year I really love. The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer and the buds are appearing on the trees in front of my house"

Zone Time clock – Caroline in one of our Zuiver settings – Son cabinet

We recently extended the Zuiver clock collection with some wonderful new timekeepers in special shapes, materials and colours. Each one of them carries the Zuiver DNA, which means they’re trendy, original and affordable. It’s a collection we really enjoyed putting together and one I’m proud of.

We design our own clocks with the help of an excellent clockmaker who’s a joy to work with, a ‘clock master’, you could say. Together with my partner Richard, product developer at Zuiver, I can spend hours sketching to come up with a new design. Once it’s on paper, we ask our clockmaker to make us a sample. He knows all about the different materials and clock mechanisms and sees possibilities everywhere, even when we present him with the craziest designs. Whether it’s marble, cork, concrete or metal, he always knows just what we’re looking for.

"We design our clocks with the help of a 'clock master', a joy to work with"

Richard wanted a small, contemporary version of a grandfather clock for our new collection. After several sketching sessions and some samples, this wish evolved into the clock Pendulum Time. Following the success of the marble wall clock Marble Time I really wanted a clock for my desk. It had to be a clock that was so beautiful that it wouldn’t matter what time it was set at; in other words, a showpiece with real appeal. The result was Luxury Time clock, a grand, heavy quality, real marble clock with brass hands.

Marble Time clock – Pendulum Time clock – Luxury Time clock

Our clock Time Bandit has its own unique history. The grey version of this clock has been part of our collection for quite a number of years now. I’ll never forget how we had a meeting with our clockmaker to take a look at this clock when it was still in its prototype stage. But our flight was delayed and we arrived so late that we barely had time to visit him. Our clockmaker, however, simply packed all the samples into his car and came to the car park of our hotel to show them to us there and then! There we were, bending over the boot of his car like gangsters checking out a drugs stash in a film. What we were in fact looking at were the prototypes of a very handsome clock, which we decided to name Time Bandit. It really was a very amusing situation and turned out to be the beginning of a happy collaboration.

The huge success of that grey Time Bandit clock from the car boot prompted us to produce versions in trendy copper and gold as well. And because we like being complete, we made a matching mirror while we were at it.

"We were bending over the boot of the car like gangsters checking out a drugs stash in a film"

Time Bandit clock copper – Bandit mirror gold – Time Bandit clock gold

Zuiver’s extensive range of clocks will gently ease you into daylight saving time. And back again in the autumn, when daylight saving time ends. You’ll therefore be pleased to know that Zuiver clocks have a silent mechanism, so you can spend that extra hour snoozing right beside it!