At Zuiver I keep a close eye on what’s hip and happening, and together with my design team I translate the latest trends into Zuiver products at the right moment.

Since today’s trends are about as changeable as the wind, this process requires a high level of alertness. In the past, a style movement could last for 10 to 20 years. Take the iconic style of Art Deco for instance, which originated around 1920 and lasted until around 1939. In those days, people would buy a suite of furniture and keep it for almost a lifetime. Nowadays we’re far more changeable and that’s why you see so many sub-trends originating, i.e. small trends that are part of larger, longer-lasting trends. You therefore need to stay focussed to convert the right trend into the right product at the right time.

In the header: Art Director Caroline – Dash of Lush style – Ladies of the 1920, Muna Nazak

Mia in grey, blue, orange and green

“Stay tuned to what’s happening 24/7”

The influence of the past century on contemporary fashion and interior design is more visible than ever at the moment.
Influences from the first half of the 20th century are particularly noticeable all around us.
A good example of this at Zuiver is the elegant Mia chair. Its shape is a nod to mid-century design, while its opulent velvet upholstery clearly harks back to the 1920s.

Velvet items

The nineteen twenties are all around us at the moment. Not only can you find Art Deco interiors and the famous ‘Charleston’ style of the time in popular TV series such as Boardwalk Empire, but the roaring twenties also have a strong influence on the current fashion trends.

In those days, women with short bob haircuts wore flowing pleated skirts, thin headbands with diamonds and long shawls, and smoked with long cigarette holders. Men, on the other hand, looked like dandies, with shiny patent leather shoes, slim fit suits and their hair neatly parted. They sat in cognac leather club chairs to smoke cigars and drank whisky from a crystal glass.

Ladies and gentlemen of the 1920s
The Great Gatsby, Warner Bros. Pictures – Lady 1920s, Muna Nazak

Today the high streets are full of pleated skirts, thick velvety headbands designed to be worn across the top of the forehead, velvet shoes and faux fur coats. The 1920s revival is also evident in the latest interior design trends. Today’s chairs are upholstered in velvet and feature gold-coloured legs, armchairs come in cognac brown leather and cabinets are made of thin black metal and ideally hold cut crystal whisky glasses.
So last century and yet so very contemporary; we love it!
For Zuiver I’ve adapted this 1920s look and mixed it with our own distinctive northern European style.
Whenever a trend emerges in this way I always give it a name, so that my team know what I’m talking about and where we’re headed in the period to come. I’ve named this particular trend “A dash of lush”.
Time for a touch of exuberant Charleston style flair.

Zuiver chair Brit in grey, blue and pink

“A touch of exuberant Charleston style flair.”

A dash of lush

The materials that dominate in ‘A dash of lush’ are soft fabrics such as velvet, satin and warm tweed. Just look at the velvet upholstery of Zuiver chairs Mia and Brit, so luxurious and plush!
In addition to these soft fabrics on sofas and chairs, we see a great deal of brass, black metal, green marble and light blonde oak. Speaking of oak, this hardwood will be joined by another type of wood next year: nut-wood. In 2018, no home will be complete without this darker, warm toned wood type.

In ‘A dash of lush’ you’ll find colours such as pink, green, blue and orange.
Sumptuous powder pink, a little antique pink here and there, emerald and bottle green, and warm orange.
But blue is the most conspicuous colour this season. It comes in many shades, from deep, dark, almost midnight blue to royal blue, petrol and powdery light blue. It’s all possible in ‘A dash of lush’.

In 2018, the Art Deco stripe patterns that we saw in 2017 will be joined by ornate floral prints that look like they’ve come straight from old master still life paintings in the Rijksmuseum.

All the materials, colours and patterns are beautiful, opulent and luxurious. We’ve integrated them into several Zuiver products so that you can introduce ‘A dash of lush’ into your own home:

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