Keeping an eye on interior design trends and the direction they’re going is part of my daily job as Creative Director at Zuiver. Every year, I choose a central source of inspiration when designing the Zuiver collection. My big source of inspiration for 2019 is Nature. I’ve called this trend Reflecting Nature.


To me, the Reflecting Nature means paying homage to the colours and materials found in nature. For 2019, Zuiver is embracing colours like salmon pink, desert yellow, silver grey, mint green, brown hues like clay, the beige of a sandy beach and the clear light blue of a sunny early morning.

And actually, A Dash of Lush, Zuiver’s trend in 2018 is still relevant and trendy too. What’s more, the Dash of Lush and Reflecting Nature styles fit together perfectly. Just look at the colour the Pantone experts have chosen for 2019: Living Coral. Pantone was obviously also inspired by nature in choosing a colour that could have been taken right out A Dash of Lush.


We are going to see lot of terrazzo in 2019. In the 1930s, terrazzo was “the poor man’s marble”. I chose it when I designed our Luigi bistro and side table (coming soon). This round table takes its name from my colleague Peter’s great grandfather. Luigi came to the Netherlands seeking a better life and started his own terrazzo business, which became a success. He was very skilled at his job and a real craftsman. The colours I chose for our terrazzo tables are all inspired by nature. The unpolished character of nature is reflected in the irregular pattern and the wonderful colour variations in the material itself.

Textured fabrics is another interesting theme for 2019. I was inspired by how moss grows on rocks. You can see this, for example, in the woven structure of the fabric I designed for our Kylie and Cube cushions. And you can also this in our April cushion with beautiful floral design.
Other new fabrics we are going to introduce this year feature a coarse and woven texture. We’re going to keep our soft and lovely-to-touch velvets, but give them a more robust look.


Nothing is as fascinating and enchanting as sun glimmering on a stretch of water. You can see a wide variety of shiny surfaces in the Zuiver collection. Our Blink carpet has a gorgeous shiny texture finished with fringes. I designed our Shiny Liz side table to be both eye-catching and practical with a roughly forged metal frame. My new favourite, gun metal black, also has a particular shine. You can see this in the distinctive hood of our new Lub range of lamps.

Another feature you will see in our range is perforation. I remember that the net curtains at my parents’ home “had” to be kept closed to create a nice diffused light when the sun shone in. You will find the possibilities perforation offers for playing with light and creating light effects in our collection. For example, take a look at our Zuiver Mai lamp.

One can also apply the idea of openness to cupboards and cabinets. Like our recently introduced, popular Cantor wine cabinet.

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