Zuiver’s design team has created another true pearl, the latest addition to our popular range of upholstered Zuiver chairs. She’s the youngest sister of best-selling chairs such as the OMG, the Doulton and the Beau. Her name? Nikki

The dictionary defines a chair as ‘a separate seat for one person, in various shapes and sizes’. For us at Zuiver, though, a chair is so much more. We are rather demanding when it comes to these ‘separate seats for one person’. They have to be comfortable, they need the right look and the potential to become a true style icon.

Nikki chair All Black – Nikki chair Fab Brown

For me, a new Zuiver chair is only a success if I can’t take my eyes off it and find myself thinking ‘Oh dear… I want it. At home, by the table. But that means I’d have to say goodbye to my black OMGs, what to do…’ If I have to face that dilemma, I’ll know for sure. This chair belongs in the Zuiver collection!

It was no different for Nikki, who didn’t even have a name at that point. Usually, though, I just have to look at a new Zuiver and a name will immediately pop up in my head. I’ll shout out: “This is a real…”, and if my entire design team doesn’t start laughing, I’ll know it’s a good name.

In this case, that was Nikki. A trendy, sweet name, usually for girls. Conveniently for our international customers, it’s an English name. In the Netherlands, there are about 8000 girls called Nikki, which isn’t exactly much in a population of 17 million. Rare and trendy, A perfect combination for a chair in the Zuiver collection…

Even before we came up with a name, though, we’d spent quite some time on Nikki. Richard, who heads the design team with me, was inspired by the great success of the Doulton and wanted to design another modern bucket chair on a beautiful, simple base. I wanted it to have a feminine touch.

We started off by sketching the bucket, a gentle, rounded design with elegant arms. I had a black & white melee fabric in mind, evoking the memory of a Chanel two-piece. I loved it, a real mid-century Jacky Onassis look!

Once we finish the prototype, we start the test run. What does the chair sit like? Can I spend hours enjoying dinner and company on this chair? Does it look and feel like a Zuiver chair? Do the colours match the trends I identified? Are our fans looking for a ‘Chanel chair’? Is it not a bit too much? Fabric or leather? Or both, creating a ton-sur-ton look?

"I had a black & white melee fabric in mind, evoking the memory of a Chanel two-piece. I loved it, a real mid-century Jacky Onassis look!"

Bron: Pinterest “Jackie Onassis” iconic pink coat Chanel

It’s a fun process, which primarily takes place at Zuiver’s headquarters. We’ll put our new chairs in full view, so that all our colleagues can sit on it and ‘shoot’. We know that if most of the Zuiver team loves the chair, our fans will too.

Now it’s time for the final phase of the design process. We take our ideas to the chair-maker and fine-tune the sample until it is a fully fledged Zuiver. We decide on a final frame: simple, elegant, sturdy. We confirm the fabrics we want and all of a sudden it’s there. A new Zuiver. I can’t take my eyes off it and I want to take it home with me right away… A good sign!