We’ve got plenty of furniture, lighting and accessories to make your home stylish and cosy. But what about your outdoor space? For a long time Zuiver was pretty much absent from the garden or (roof) terrace. We decided it was high time to change this! And look at the result!

Designing an outdoor furniture item had been on our designer’s wish list for quite some time. With the arrival of the Albert Kuip Garden chair, this “outdoor collection” wish has become reality.

Along with my Zuiver partner Richard – with whom I head the design team – I had drawn up a wish list for a Zuiver-worthy outdoor chair. This Dutch Design chair would have to be modern and trendy, have lots of design appeal, and be lightweight, multifunctional and attractively priced. Well, we can safely say the result ticks all those boxes. We proudly present our brand new Albert Kuip Garden chair!

Albert Kuip Garden details and colours

Richard: “I wanted a lightweight garden chair, but one that would not blow away with the first gust of Dutch wind. Zuiver’s first outdoor chair also had to be inspired by our well-established, popular Albert Kuip chair. Why? Well, because it possesses nearly all the qualities that we were also looking for in an outdoor chair, the most important being that it is trendy and super comfortable. Moreover, Albert Kuip had already proven successful”.

Zuiver designer Richard and design studio APE celebrate the succes of the Albert Kuip chairs.

Albert Kuip was the result of a collaboration with Amsterdam design studio APE

Richard: “So it made sense to also involve the Studio APE guys (Gert, Tom, Douwe and Lennert) in the design process of this outdoor chair. The brief was to design an Albert Kuip for outdoors that is stackable, provides the same level of comfort as the dining room chair and is made of aluminium.

Interview with design studio APE about the Albert Kuip Garden chairs

“We even took a saw to several versions of the Albert Kuip chair”

This turned out to be quite a challenge, as Gert explains: “An open design was a clear must from the start, since the chair would otherwise become too bulky and heavy. We drew a number of draft sketches before achieving the final design. To avoid losing the chair’s shape, we didn’t want the line play to become too dominant. We even took a saw to several Albert Kuip chairs to achieve the ultimate design and level of comfort.”

Design process of the Albert Kuip Garden – Design studio APE

The final design is perfect in every respect. Gert: “By opting for a thicker outer edge we ensured that the contours of the chair remained clearly visible. For extra emphasis, we also thickened the lines from the backrest to the seat, so that the moulded chair gets a clear side and back.”

With its distinctive design, Albert Kuip Garden and Albert Kuip chair are a 100% match. “It’s very attractive to have the Albert Kuip chairs around the dining table inside and the garden version on the terrace outside. If you ask me it’s the ultimate way to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces”, Douwe adds. More design appeal can be found in the refined slots in the seat that make Albert Kuip Garden stackable up to four chairs high.

“Albert Kuip Garden and Albert Kuip chair are a 100% match”

Outlines of the Albert Kuip Garden chairs

Zuiver Albert Kuip Garden is a cast aluminium outdoor chair. It was made by pouring molten aluminium into a mould under high pressure, a method known as die casting. Tom: “Once hardened, the chairs are removed from the mould to undergo the finishing process. Any rough, sharp and uneven parts are sanded off using a robot, or even by hand. The chairs are then powder-coated in the right colour.” For the powder-coating process the chair is electrically charged to attract negatively charged powder particles. It is then placed in an oven and cured until the coating is completely hardened. As Douwe explains: “The benefit of a powder-coated aluminium chair is its durability. Aluminium doesn’t rust, even when the chair is scratched. This means you can enjoy your chairs for many years to come!”

“Albert Kuip Garden chair can be enjoyed for years to come”

There are no compromises on comfort for those who want to sit on the chair in hot weather wearing shorts. “The chair is super comfortable, even with bare legs. Comfort was an absolutely key requirement, so we tested the chair constantly. Matching Albert Kuip seat pads are available for those who like to sit on something soft. These are ideal, as Lennert says, because “the fabric can withstand a Dutch rain shower, while the rubber backing prevents the pad from sliding”.

Albert Kuip Cushion is available in three different colors, dark grey, light grey and brown.

I felt the outdoor chair had to fit into any garden style, so we chose basic colours: white, grey and black. However, we also wanted to add a trendy colour, and what better colour to opt for than green… Not surprisingly, it’s the exact same shade of green as the indoors Albert Kuip chair. So if you like, you can also put your Albert Kuip garden chair at the dining table inside. Not unimportantly: the outdoor chair is maintenance friendly. An occasional wipe down with a cloth and lukewarm water is sufficient.

Albert Kuip Garden chairs standing in front of the place where the new Zuiver headquarters are coming!

Albert Kuip Garden is getting such a good reception that we are hungry for more. A new outdoor chair is already on the cards. A complete Zuiver outdoor collection is high on our wish list, so stay tuned and keep up to date with the latest design developments!

As you can see in the photos above, our new headquarters are under construction. How cool that I’ll soon be able to style the roof terrace with our new Albert Kuip Garden chairs, I can hardly wait!

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